Perugia, Italy, Biblioteca Comunale Augusta, MS 431 (G.20)

Provenance: 1480-90, probably c. 1485 (Atlas 1981c), with additions during mid 16th century. Main corpus copied in Naples or vicinity, possibly at Benedictine monastery of Sts. Severino and Sossio. Owned in 1556 by the merchant, politician, and amateur musician Raffaele Sozi (1529-89), of Perugia (inscription on new f. 31: "YHS MARIA. A° DI M.D.LVI. … RAPHAEL SOCIUS"); Sozi added several short pieces and rudimentary notes on music theory and notation.


late 15th century, Italy
dark brown leather over pasteboard
Decoration: stamped with four-pointed star design
no edges
Endpapers: front and back: 1 endpaper with pastedown
Presumably original covers